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Cataclysm server is now up and updated

A #rgrd visitor informed me that my Cataclysm server had failed. It turns out that Whales, the developer of Cataclysm, has stopped maintaining his repository in a state that won’t compile. Luckily, there are many forks! I chose to switch my scripts over to point at DarklingWolf’s mod, CataclysmDDA, primarily because that’s what the internet told me to do. The website for the mod is located here, and here’s the information about the SSH setup.

Happy surviving!


With a little help from my friends…

(Screenshots at the bottom of this post.)

One of my design goals in Hellmouth is to emphasize knowledge and perception as alternative playstyles by making them as game-changing as combat attributes are in most games. Consequently, there will typically be a lot of information about a situation available to the player at any one time. Games that provide a lot of information can be very intimidating, and unfortunately one of my favorite games is well-known for failing to usefully communicate its rich complexity.

One of the ways that I’ll get a handle on information overload is by providing reasonable defaults but allowing the player a lot of control over the ultimate level of detail dislayed. There will be many LOD-based implementations throughout the game (such as item descriptions or combat text), but one of the most important to have is also one of the simplest to implement: a zoom control for the tactical map. Read more »

Uploading bash output within IRSSI

I’m hardly an IRSSI power-user, but I occasionally make use of its more advanced features. While IRSSI already allows shell execution, it’s handy to have an alias that prints both the command and results to the channel (particularly when you’re running IRSSI on a server). I had previously picked up such an alias from Whales in #rgrd: Read more »