Some of the projects below, and others not listed, can be found on my Github account.


A partial view of the Hellmouth character generation process.


Hellmouth is an epic game of exploration and adventure in the Late Middle Ages. At the start of gameplay, your character is already a practiced demonslayer, but you will have made your first decisions starting even before your character’s birth. Will your actions ruin the schemes of Satan’s generals – or further them?

Currently, Hellmouth is a one-person project; development takes place on Github.

One of the splash screens in Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup is an octopode under the influence of the Blade Hands spell. (Or in their case, Blade Tentacles.)

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup

I’ve actively played DCSS for several years and won several characters. In that time, I’ve also submitted several patches to the game. My largest contribution to the game was to design and code Octopodes, a race that can’t wear any armor but can use up to eight rings. Another race that I created, Lava Orcs, is in the process of being reviewed.

A screenshot from Cataclysm.

Cataclysm Server

Cataclysm is Whales’ zombie survival roguelike game. I’ve submitted some patches to it, but my primary contribution is running one of the online servers. This permits players to share a world in what is normally a single player game.


I’ve resumed development on the defunct LibRPG Python JRPG library, though it has taken a backseat to Hellmouth.


Thurgood /

A project to create a repository of social service information geared towards Connecticut’s prisoner reentry community. It was very successful for the amount of manpower invested, but I left the position before it was fully operational and it has not been developed further since then.

  1. Thank you for hosting the Cataclysm server! Will you at one point delete the generated map and start a new one? Because right now things seem to be a bit broken.

    • So it turns out that the save directory had grown so large that rm save/* was failing. I’ve replaced it with find save -name “*” -delete, which should fix it.

      If anyone else stumbles across this, though, I’ll note that it’s much better to contact me about stuff like this via email, IRC, or IM. I’m likely to lose it here!

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