New year, new job

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My new employers!

I’m now a sales engineer at AppNeta, and I’ve written about the experience of my first few weeks on the company blog.┬áProbably my favorite thing about the job is not mentioned in that post. Originally I was told that I might see more like a 90-10 or 80-20 breakdown of time doing sales to time engineering. I’ve actually been able to do much better than that! I’ve already worked on instrumentation for Drupal, Solr, and Varnish and I’ll be working on Twisted instrumentation next week at the Boston Python meetup. A lot of that work is far off from production, but some has already been merged into master! :D

I’m still a little mystified, though, by the way they play music (incl. dubstep!) on the sales floor. Oh well, maybe that will change when we move to a new building…

  1. Marching into Hell | Ironypunk Is Dead - pingback on 03/03/2013 at 19:28

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