Hellmouth progress update

I’ve been putting my free time to good use working on Hellmouth. Here’s what I’ve added to the game since my last post about it:

  • combat
  • cross-level travel
  • A* pathfinding
  • an attribute and skill system
  • random map generation
  • random item generation
  • elemental color support
  • several major new interface features
  • folder structure

If I keep working at my current pace, the first beta release will be within a week or so. I’ve created a page for Hellmouth on Roguebasin, and I’ll fill that out with more information about the game when it happens.

There are some new development screenshots below the fold.

A pretty bare screenshot of the Meat Arena

A hexagonal selector for dialogue options.

The character sheet viewer.

Testing a potential layout for a radial menu.

A different character generation layout.

A tiny hexagonal cursor selecting a nearby meat worm.

Revised character sheet viewer. Note the indicator showing the direction towards the stairs (lower left corner).


Combat, location information, and a fixed combat log.

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