A new home for a new year

It took me a while, but I’ve decided how I’m going to cope with the Google Reader changes. I’ll continue to use the site for reading articles – it’s just that good at it – but here’s what I arrived at for sharing them:

  • I’m going to take this opportunity to split off most NSFW content from my shared items. This was a major attraction of my old feed, but now you won’t see any of it unless you visit my Tumblr.
  • In order to avoid polluting my G+ profile with +1s, the next incarnation of my dearly departed Google Reader public feed can be found on Pinboard. Most of my sharing will take place there, though I may break this into a few separate feeds later on.
  • This blog will be a mix of responses to articles that I’ve shared on Pinboard and original writing. You can skip subscribing to it if you aren’t interested in reading either of those.

Here’s hoping that this setup lasts a while – change hurts!

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